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What are products are available for walk-ins?
We have standard cupcakes, mini cupcakes,  brownie bites, rice cereal treats and cookie sandwiches daily for walk in service. We also offer a select amount of items in gluten-free and vegan options. For flavors visit our monthly flavor guide.

Do I need to order my cupcakes in advance?
We can serve day-of, next-day and future orders. Please click here for additional information.
For larger and some custom orders we require additional notice. Please give us a call to discuss your needs 303.638.3528.

Do I need to prepay?
Online and call-in orders need to be paid in advance of pick-up or delivery.

Does Yours Truly Cupcake deliver?
Our deliver fee starts at $15 for small orders and increases based on distance from our location on Larimer or size of order. All deliveries will be made within 9:30am and 6:30pm Monday – Friday and 9:30am and 4:30 on Saturday. We are closed on Sundays. Unless otherwise requested and approved by a staff member.

Where can I pick up my cupcakes and other goodies?
You can pick up your cupcakes at our storefront located in the Rino district, during our regular business hours Monday-Friday 10am – 6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. Pick-up outside of these hours can be arranged in advance and for an additional charge. On a case by case basis.

What do you make?
At Yours Truly Cupcake, we pride ourselves to in making all of your sweet dreams come true. We have an extensive list of desserts for our catered events. We can make a small cake for a last minute event, to a custom creation made from one of our sugar artists. We will make anything your heart desires! Dessert Boxes and special occasion boxes can be ordered in advanced along with any of our monthly and staple flavors. There are timeframes and minimum quantities for speciality products and orders.

Do you make standard-size cupcakes?
Yes, we have most of our flavors on our seasonal menu available in standard sized cupcakes. We also can make custom flavors for our standard-size cupcakes with 48 hours notice with a minimum of a dozen per flavor. 

Why mini cupcakes?
We recommend mini cupcakes because we cater to mostly adults. Standard-size cupcakes are often too big and too sweet for a general crowed. Mini cupcakes allows those who just want a bite or two to feel indulged without waste. And for those of us who crave more sweets, we get to eat a variety of flavors. Plus as opposed to a cake, there is room for different flavors and dietary restrictions without the need for plates, forks, and a knife to cut.

Do you make event cakes too?
Yes, we do! We make everything from small birthday cakes to extravagant custom decor cakes. We typically have 6″ chocolate and 6″ Funfetti cakes readily available for last minute celebrations. Wedding cake inquires, please fill out a  wedding request form.

What about liquor-infused products?
Our infused cupcakes are flavored with your favorite beers, spirits and liqueurs. The amount in each cupcake is less than 0.5 percent. This eliminates the requirement for a liquor license and any chance of intoxication.

Does Yours Truly Cupcake offer any gluten-free or vegan cupcakes?
We will gladly bake gluten-free and vegan goodies. We require a minimum order and advance notice for larger orders. Please be aware, that we are an allergy friendly bakery and not allergen free, and do our very best to avoid cross contamination. Please contact us to place your order.

Do you have nut-free options?
We do not maintain a nut-free environment. Many of our products do not contain nuts, but it is ultimately our customer’s responsibility to self-regulate the products they choose to consume.

Can I create a custom order?
We are always happy to create products that bring your vision to life whether that’s baking your grandmother’s cookie recipe, creating your favorite flavor or creating hand-made decorations, fondant, marzipan, or gum paste decorations for special occasions including holidays, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and bridal showers.
Custom decorations are offered for an additional charge and orders must be placed in advance. There will also be minimum requirements depending on the request.

What is the best way to travel with sweets?
We recommend that you keep the boxed desserts horizontal, in a cool space and out of direct sunlight.

How soon should I eat my sweets?
All of our desserts are best consumed day of delivery or pick-up. When this is not possible, we recommend to wrap the paper box is saran wrapped or the products placed in a sealed container and stored in the refrigerator.

What type of services does Yours Truly Cupcake provide?
As a full-service dessert catering company, in addition to offering a plethora of desserts, we also offer rentals, staff, beverage service and interactive dessert services.

Does Yours Truly Cupcake rent cupcake stands?
Yes! We have stands and displays to match any theme or party. We have a collection of beautiful displays to ensure the look and feel of your display is the perfect fit for your event.

How many cupcakes do you recommend per person?
We typically recommend 2-3 mini cupcakes or 1 standard cupcake per person. It is important to take into consideration the type of event and the audience.

Does catering include on-site set up?
Yes. One of our team members would be delighted to come to your location and set up your cupcakes. Pricing depends on size of order and time required for set up. These details will be discussed during your consultation.

Does Yours Truly Cupcake offer individual boxing?
We have individual boxes for either 3 petite cupcakes or 1 grande. The boxes are white and include a flavor sticker and are sealed with Yours Truly Cupcake sticker. A specialized note can also be attached.

Are charitable donations available from Yours Truly Cupcake?
It is always a pleasure to support a variety of charities. For all inquiries related to charitable donations, please email us at Donations@YoursTrulyCupcake.com.

Do you ship desserts?
Yes! We can ship cookies, cookie sandwiches, brownie bites, French macarons, Royal icing cookies and certain pops. Our ordering guidelines are applicable and shipping charge is added to the order based on estimated cost.

Are there employment opportunities available at Yours Truly Cupcake?
Please inquire for current opportunities at Jobs@YoursTrulyCupcake.com.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes, give us a call and we will be happy to provide a gift certificate.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.