For our first official blog post, we’d like to share with you what our mission is and what we contribute to our Denver community every day in the form of delicious mini cupcakes and desserts: sweetness.

Here at Yours Truly Cupcake what we believe in and share with those around us, in every day that we are at work, home, and living our daily lives, is…
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Sweetness. This universe is filled with sweetness. God wants us to experience this sweetness, to melt in this honey-like sweetness by having sweet thoughts, by speaking sweet words, by performing sweet actions, by letting the sweetness from our soul flow into other hearts. Every heart is made of sweetness. Sweetness is another name for the heart.

We hope you’ll join us in our journey to share sweetness, in every way and every day, a priceless gift that we provide in the deliciously stylish form of our mini cupcakes and desserts.

Stay Sweet Denver! XO yours truly